Our Farm

We Have One Goal

To Provide the Greatest Qualities and goods

Control Environment

Our farm in greenhouses provide much enhance control over parasitic pest which leads to no usage of synthetic pesticide.

Sunlight control

With the shade netting over the plants we are able to imitate percentage amount of sun to environment at above 800 meter above sea level.


Through micro drip irrigation we distribute water and nutrient evenly to every plants to enhance each quality of its rhizome – ginger.

Soilless culture

Soilless culture are to imitate the actual air filled porosity and water holding capacity as of soil located in high mountain.

Intergrated pest and disease management system


We start with sourcing our seeds from a disease free farm


Then severely we choose only the best seeds

Lab Test

Continually we send the batch of seeds for lab test


Finally before cultivaing we treat the seeds with organic source of biologoical components

Making Sure

We ensure the plant is healthy with implentation of nanoe technology enzyme nutrition through foliar apllication


Prevention of pest and disease with organic pesticide such as garlic.


If a plant if infected with infectious disease rather than synthetic curing we immediately isolate and choose only the healtiest plant for best quality

Intergrated nutrition management system

With years of research consult from Malaysian Arigculture Research And Development Institute, we choose fertigation for our water and nutrient irrigation as the system helps our farm minimize environmental pollution while giving oppotunity maximize yield. Nutrient and water are irrigated with proportional dosing through micro drip irrigation system with predeterminded ratio resulting in exact amount without wastage.

Journey of ginger plant

1st month from seed germinating

2nd month

3rd Month

4th month

5th Month

6th month

7th month

8th month harvest

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Ginger at its premium, our farm process and deliver freeze, dried ginger in a sustainable way