Bentong Ginger Powder


Bentong ginger powder

Following steps:

  1. Make it a beverage Bentong ginger powder is delicious to consume with tea or fruit juice
  2. Herb powder With its aromatic smell adding it to your cooking will provide the strong ginger taste and smell
  3. Cosmetic Ginger powder can also be add into cosmetic solution. It is harmless and safe to use


#1 Long shelf period While fresh ginger can only last a month if refrigerated, processed ginger powder can last up to 24 months without the need of preservative

#2 Convenience With just one step, The Bentong ginger powder can be consume or applied as cosmetics.All these without the hassle of washing, peeling and slicing the ginger.

#3 Complete nutritional benefit Processing of ginger into powder ensures the completeness of the nutrition as the whole rhizome is utilised 100% including the skin which also contains its own profile of nutrients that are otherwise generally discarded and lost when used fresh due to safety food reason.

#4 Time saving The convenience of ginger powder, will save you time and effort in not only getting the best ingredients for all your needs, but also ensure that you get a product that is safe and healthy