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Bentong ginger, it’s Geographical Indication (GI) certified by the Malaysian Intellectual Property (MYIPO), was first cultivated in the district of Bentong in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. the cultivation of this variety began to see it’s commercial value only in the 60’s although actual cultivation has been around a few hundred years prior. Ever since with the advent of more stainable farming methods and agro inputs, this industry continues to grow.

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With years of research consult from Malaysian Arigculture Research And Development Institute, we choose fertigation for our water and nutrient irrigation as the system to maximize the benefits of ginger as in,

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Why Tamara Nanoetech

Here we plant our own Bentong Ginger to ensure the authenticity of the variety. We source our first batch of seeds from the high mountain of Bentong and tested for variety. For the following seasons from in house seedings. Know more about our intergrated farm management
Despite the recent years into ginger farmin, we work closely with local government and non-government organization. This knowledge is then use to enhance better quality of the ginger, and assist local ginger farmer towards sustainable farming
✔️- Authenticity of variety ✔️- Pesticide free ✔️- Product expertise ✔️- High service levels ✔️- R&D capabilities

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